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About Us

We are the Business to Business portal for material suppliers and buyers for the catering industry in Hong Kong.

We launched our CIBO platform in Hong Kong and this is a totally new idea of workhorse for the catering industry in Hong Kong. We aim to bring the best and the latest business information to the industry.

Come join the search for the food material and industry related information. CIBO has strived to become the Hong Kong most comprehensive Business to Business platform for superb procurement experience and information sharing. On CIBO, users not only enjoy the most accurate and all-round suppliers searching service, but can also acquire the most updated market information in the industry.

We believe this workhorse can make our suppliers and buyers’ work easier and more efficient.

Our database includes suppliers and buyers in the industry in Hong Kong, categorised by various sectors, and more. Users can swiftly and conveniently find a supplier suits their need. At the same time, we offer vast variety on content and information to meet user demands. Supplier information on our website is constantly updated to provide users with the latest product information, price and news.

In touch with the most updated industry information at anytime, anywhere within a click!

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